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Spetisbury is pretty little village built up in a predominantly linear pattern along the banks of the River Stour and the A350 road, according to the 2011 census the village was made up of just 224 homes.

Spetisbury is a village steeped in history, overlooked by the remains of an iron age hillfort (Spetisbury Rings, or Crawford Castle if you prefer), now makes a perfect spot for a quiet walk coupled with far-reaching views from the remains of the ramparts. Just below the rings, is the remains of part of the Somerset and Dorset railway line, providing yet another great walking spot, from Spetisbury you can walk on the trailway right to the edge of Blandford Forum, passing through the neighbouring village of Charlton Marshall on your way. Additional walks are available over the water meadows on the opposite side of the river, where you can walk across a couple of islands and link up with Tarrant Keyneston.

Sadly like most rural village amenities have dwindled, long gone is the village shop, post office, petrol garage and local pubs. Spetisbury does however have a very popular bar / cafe aptly named 'The Shack' situated house in a barn at Clapcotts Farm at the northern end of the village, 'The Shack' is accompanied by 'Marcia's Farm Shop', The Shack makes a great place to stop for refreshments when exploring Spetisbury's many walks.

The village is lucky enough to have its own primary school which is currently rated as 'Good' with Ofsted.

Looking towards the property market in Spetisbury, due to the size of the village properties for sale and to let are in short supply, Spetisbury has an interesting mix of houses, with many quirky character properties interspersed with modern infill, given the small size of the village there a reasonable number of bungalows. Typically those properties on the river side of the village with river frontage do attract a premium, and certainly, create a buzz with buyers.

Given the size of the village, there is not a huge volume of property on the market at any one time, in particular there appears to be a real lack of available rental properties in the village. There are no estate agents with offices in Spetisbury, most people tend to use agents from Blandford or Wimborne to market their properties.

If you are looking for an Estate Agent in Spetisbury we are always happy to help!

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