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Tarrant Gunville is a small village situated approx 5 miles South-East of Blandford Forum.

The village is a small settlement which when combined with the neighbouring (attached) hamlet of Stubhampton comprises approx 120 houses with approx 240 residents. The village is largely a linear village built up along the road almost exactly following the line of the River Tarrant.

The village is home to the remains of what was one a large and impressive country house, Eastbury House, the remaining part of the housing is still impressive in its own right, but a fraction of what once was on the site.

The village has a church, a modern village hall and is nearby Home Farm Shop, a popular Farm Shop and tea rooms.

Looking towards the property market in the village, the majority of the housing is older, with a smattering of modern infill. Given the size of the village, available property both for sale and to let does not come up very often. The nearest villages by car are Tarrant Hinton to the South East & Iwerne Minster to the West.

If you are looking for an estate or letting agent in Tarrant Guville, please do get in touch.

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