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Tarrant Hinton is a small-scale village approximately 5 miles to the northeast of Blandford Forum, in the Tarrant Valley.

When not being visited by some 200,000 people attending the Great Dorset Steam Fair, the village sports a much quieter presence, with a mere estimated population of 160. With the local pub, shop and post office long gone, life in the village is a more peaceful affair. Residents are seen to regularly attend St. Mary’s Church, known to date back to the medieval times. The village also benefits from a newly built and well equipped village hall, available for hire and activities.

Given the small scale of the village, its probably not suprising that the availability of properties for sale or rent are few and far between. The village has a mixture of older housing, with a smattering of moder infill developments, South Farm Close is a modern development of luxury houses, Northfield is a development of local authority housing (many now privately owned), these two areas are probably the most likely areas to come to the market.

Naturally given the size of the village, there are no estate agents with offices in Tarrant Hinton, most people would market their properties with a Blandford based agent.

If you are looking for an estate agent in Tarrant Hinton, please do get in touch!

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