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If you are looking to find out the council tax banding of a property in Blandford look no further, our quick guide below will show you how to find the council tax band of any property and we list the correspondending charge for the current council tax year for Blandford below!

Did you know you can check the council tax band of any property via the Government website, the quickest way is by using the properties post code, alternatively you can narrow down your search using the street and town name.

Unsure how much your council tax is this year? You can find the charges for Blandford, and indeed all of the Dorset Council Area (excluding areas under control of BCP (Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole Council)), via the Dorset Council website, click here for 2022/2023 charges.

For properties in Blandford Forum (the town itself) this years council tax charges are:

Band A - £1603.20

Band B - £1870.41

Band C - £2137.60

Band D - £2404.81

Band E - £2939.21

Band F - £3473.62

Band G - £4008.01

Band H - £4809.62