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Bere Regis is a large village (population of circa 1750 people), the village is situated approx. 8 miles South of Blandford, the village is nicely positioned with easy access to Wareham (approx. 7m), Dorchester (approx. 11m) and Poole (approx. 12.5m).

Given the reasonable distance to the nearest towns, the village is lucky to be well served by two pubs (The Drax Arms & The Royal Oak), a village doctors surgery (Bere Regis Surgery), a village shop (Nisa) with post office, a Shell petrol station and is lucky to have a modern village school (Bere Regis First School).

Architecture for the older buildings in the village is largely Georgian / Victorian, the village suffered an extensive fire in 1777 that devastated the village, destroying most of the buildings, the buildings of the nearby hamlet of Shitterton survived the fire by virtue of the protection offered by the Bere Stream.

Properties for sale in Bere Regis are relatively plentiful with a reasonable mix of modern and older housing available in the village at any one time.

Rental properties, like the majority of the area we cover are less plentiful there are a reasonable number of rented properties in the village. There are no estate agents with offices in Bere Regis, most people tend to use agents from Blandford, Dorchester or Wareham to market their properties.

If you are looking for an Estate Agent in Bere Regis we are always happy to help!

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