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Blandford St Mary is a village adjacent to the town of Blandford Forum which is divided by the River Stour. The village is home to the Hall and Woodhouse Brewery & their famous Badger Beers, the firm dates back to 1777 and is now a well-known brand with hundreds of pubs across Southern England. The village has two pub facilities, the Stour Inn and the Brewery Tap, which is situated in the maltings of the older Hall and Woodhouse brewery building.

Within the village lies a primary school (currently rated as Good by Ofsted) starting from reception to year 6, a children’s play park. On the outskirts boasts a Tesco with fuel station, Homebase and public carpark abutting the Stour Meadows, which is a fantastic place to enjoy a walk alongside the River Stour, with two footbridges linking the village to Blandford itself.

The Victorian Brewery site is currently in the process of being redeveloped with plans for approximately 180 new homes, the old brewery building being converted into flats, which have the potential to be something quite special given the buildings architecture and commercial history.

Lower Blandford St Mary is a rural outpost of Blandford St Mary which you will find to the south across the bypass on the A350, with a small church and graveyard. Bellway Homes are currently in the process of building a 350 home development South of the A350 from Lower Blandford St Mary. Additional planning permission is currently being sought for an adjacent field for a further 150 dwellings. Blandford St Mary will grow considerably in size over the next few years. There are no estate agents with offices in Blandford St Mary, given the proximity to Blandford, most people tend to use Blandford agents to market their properties.

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The village has grown exponentially in size in modern times, the main hub of the village is based just the other side of the bridge to Blandford Forum where there is a small cluster of period properties based around the two main historic routes through the village (Dorchester Road, which no longer links to the road to Dorchester and Bournemouth Road). the village remained extremely modest in size until the development of a large scale council estate (Chettel Way, Pigeon Close, Pitt Close & Beckett Close) with approximately 300 homes built around the 1970's, later development of Southover Close and Rosefields followed in the mid-90's, in the early 2000's the Bryanston Hill's development was completed (with some controversy and issues as the original developer went bust before completing the project), the estate won several architectural awards and has a really unique feel to it.

Development has continued with Charles Church (part of the Persimmon group) developed an area to the west of Dorchester Hill creating a small estate now know as Esme Avenue & Horseshoe Close.

Bellway Homes are currently developing a new build site to the East of the A354 bypass road, with a development known as St Mary's Hill, this development will blur the lines between Blandford St Mary and Lower Blandford St Mary (which is a small outpost of Blandford St Mary the other side of the A350.)

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